About the Artist


Allen Bannister is an artist living in Indianapolis, IN. He attended Ball State University as a Painting Major.  Like the surrealists, his paintings reflect a whimsy and dreamy vision of life. Primary colors and earth tones, primitive symbols and visceral application of paint to paper and canvas create a world that seems familiar and alien at the same time. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes friendly, sometimes sober, sometimes tinged with joy.

Bannister’s work is influenced by the early abstract painters Kandinsky, Miro, and Klee. He is also interested in the Abstract Expressionist ideas of the Subconscious mind playing a key role in creating a visual vocabulary. Combining techniques of blind drawing, transfer drawing, and contour line drawing, the element of chance plays a major role in determining the composition.

Bannister’s interest in printmaking has lead him to experiment with Oil Transfer Drawings. Inspired by the works of Paul Klee, he often starts with an oil transfer drawing, working back into it with watercolors. The unpredictable nature of this method appeals to his interest in the accidental in his work.

Allen also plays guitar in the Muncie/Indianapolis-based psych-rock band Everything, Now.

CONTACT ALLEN: 317.850.8147